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On June 16, 2008, limited company of system of software of Beijing Founder international (the following abbreviation ' Founder international ' ) rolled out its formally to Japanese market the Founder of own research and development packs Pack#TMSoftware of the 1 systems before imprinting (Pack# of the following abbreviationTM) . This is Founder international afterwards exhibited meeting admiral in Japanese Tokyo PAGE on Feburary 6, 2008 after this product is released, the edition of the first Japanese that publishs formally, already gave out the first batch of products to Japanese client that day at 16 days.

Pack#TMThe industry before collect Founder is imprinting experience of more than 30 years, the case that can require with offerring the printery that pack to pack personnel of the operation before imprinting structure guides, printing ink management, major packs defect to imprint (also say filling leakage is white) processing, the examination flies beforehand before imprinting, pack spell big edition and intelligent mark to add wait abound and, make pack personnel of the operation before imprinting to undertake pre-treatment works well and truly imprinting, ensure design draft can satisfy back end finally to presswork standard, can promote greatly thereby pack presswork the technology of the enterprise and quality level of management. This product contains nine module, namely defect imprints, spell big edition, intelligence mark, kit, preview, searcher, fly beforehand, printing ink editor, image derives etc.

Pack#TMThe product supports version of newest Adobe Illustrator CS3 and PDF 1.7 form, generated fall imprints reach spell big edition file wide-open, output can be reached in software of all RIP, flow undertake outputting on equipment. Close together union packages this product the main process before imprinting, reflected Founder packing classics of domain of the technology before imprinting year research achievement, developed the product concept that the technical actual strength with particular Founder and innovation, deal with concrete matters relating to work, human nature changes adequately.

Mr Gu Wenhua discloses the Founder international vice-president that popularizes according to be in charge of this product research and development and market, founder Pack#TMJapanese edition at issueing before, and other places of the Tokyo that has been in Japan, Osaka undertook the user checks, all obtain through, obtain what Japanese partner reachs a clientele to approbate. In the meantime, gu Wenhua vice-president still says, founder international will issue Pack# back-to-backly in homeTMThe Chinese edition of the product, will roll out English edition at opportune opportune moment, march to the market such as Euramerican southeast Asia, aim to promote Pack# product to the whole world. Founder international already was packed in the light of the whole world presswork the characteristic of the market and development trend, made a series of product program and promotion plan, and will hand in hand trade partner, collective, drive continuously pack presswork the development of the market, be about to enter to had been mixed pack presswork the user of the market offers major pack Wu of kimono of the system before imprinting.
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