"Auspicious cloud " torch outer packing uncovers secret (graph)
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From 2008 arrived in April in June, fire of emperor of attention Beijing Olympic Games delivers the indispensable one part in becoming people to live, on TV, newspaper and website, the ground sees people the appearance of Olympic Games torch, the citizen saw with one's own eyes that more many holy fire deliver city of by way of was witnessed " auspicious cloud " battle array. However " auspicious cloud " the outer packing of torch is after all how a the truth of sth. , however our Everyman sees inaccessibly.

"Auspicious cloud " torch outer packing uncovers secret

"Auspicious cloud " torch

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According to " China business signs up for " report, in should signing up for a reporter to saved hand of straight mechanism torch to groom in Shaanxi recently, favour saw one has the complete outer packing that make type " auspicious cloud " torch. This number is the torch of T11349, it is one of 624 torch that allocate and transfer of BOCOG torch center saves to Shaanxi.

"Auspicious cloud " torch outer packing is the long honest case that presents corrugated paper of light coffee color to be made, outside side edges and corners is dignified and trenchant, easy. Box obverse side imprints have one Fang Gongyin, meantime has " auspicious cloud " 2 words; Side is used by Chinese and English imprinting " Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch " two rubric. The back side of the box is " China imprints " deliver catchword with torch " ignite passion to deliver a dream " Chinese and English, and two end have the case a foil of case of auspicious cloud atlas, appear very elegant.

Hit above to pack a box, take out place among them " auspicious cloud " torch, discovery has two plastic package to wear this torch. It is a thicker polybag cover first above, still have a plastic diaphragm. Staff member introduction, when having only, last diaphragm just can be taken.