Person with ability of paper box industry gets used to as shallow as competition
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As the ceaseless development of paper box industry, industry values a handsome appearance more and more absorb with management. Because, the talent is paper box industry in most get the resource that value. Can say, if factory of box of a paper lacks high-grade technology person with ability, so inevitable meeting is in inferior position in intense industry competition. Accordingly, many paper box factories pass favourable compensation pay or it is good welfare step will strive for talent, absorbing ability, more some enterprises arrive to strive for a few specific top technology qualified personnels, not hesitate even beautiful heavy gold goes digging " corner " , fine of intention of it may be said is bitter.

Nowadays, the brutal sex that the industry competes, make the policymaker of the enterprise must by invest an object to turn for the key with equipment so for from absorb respect of talent of hi-tech talent, training qualified personnel, government person with ability, tutelar ability, put sb in a very important position to begin. The talent is the person of have both ability and moral integrity; Have the person of some kind of specialty. The feature that talent place behaves is: Be good at using flexible human strategy; Know how to have ego drive; The organization that is good at manpower is harmonious; Can lead everybody to reach consensus; Can share the point of view of other; Have conviction; Know stimulative collaboration and avoid conflict; Be full of active drive, can willingness bear surmounts itself responsibility; Ego control capability is very strong, be good at allocating time and working rate. This ability is top talent, the talent is the person that can use, useful person, can create value for the society, get the person that the life guarantees for the individual. Although factory of box of a paper had a talented person, but do not state the talent can be factory of this paper box to produce enormous beneficial result immediately certainly, because although the talent is capable, the talent also is a person, have oneself habit and social environment and working environment, namely the business environment previously and company culture, what what he masters is the technology of the past. So, although the enterprise had a talented person, still must want to undertake grooming to the talent. That is to say, the company is right already the talented person that collect reachs should undertake be throwinged again, include to groom, actual drilling, outside sending, groom etc. Pass only groom further, talent ability masters state of culture of the historical state of this enterprise, company, business management to wait, be opposite when the talent only after these state understanding are familiar even, they just can produce more advantages, specialty, give bigger gain for company creation. Current, the with advanced equipment competition that the competition of paper box industry already was in the past no longer is given priority to, and translate into: Have topper talented person, these talents can produce the largest dominant position, specialty, for the enterprise innovation gives bigger gain.
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