Type selecting of paper box ERP is paying close attention to industry character
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Pack the swift and violent development of course of study as home, rely on to equip so excellent, actual strength is abundant occupy first the paper box business of machine, acumen ground discovers in respect of equipment, technology everybody already was in now same on the scratch line, the competition between the person of the same trade turned an enterprise into the competition of interior management. Alleged " labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement " , apply ERP system to supervise enterprise interior work, nearly two years of this one trend more show quickly. But because ignore character of paper box industry, the type selecting job of the project of ERP of box of a paper that I participate in is encountering predicament, the project is in be in a dilemma in.

In industry of paper box production, the complexity of ERP application basically is a client Protean to the requirement of paper box product cause. Basically have two sides: It is sale of every months on one hand order amount is much, the breed norms of client demand is very much also, but of most order order goods the amount is very few however, ERP of box of this requirement paper must have cost of can fast business accounting to quote in order to go to the lavatory, the fast sample that make in order to build BOM material. On the other hand, every months of meeting often is received a few temporarily order, and time of client demand delivery very urgent. Accordingly, paper box business needs to often adjust manufacturing operation plan often, system of this requirement ERP must have flexible production platoon Cheng and the productivity that insert sheet.

One. Open sheet and compose to build the demand of BOM quickly

Art line of business has specialize in, paper box industry is opposite the ERP type selecting at general industry, ask ERP manufacturer has professional computer technology power not only, still need to have experience of rich paper box industry. Paper box business discharges Cheng in products plan, order government, production (the path after Cheng of platoon of machine of rows of tiles on a roof is mixed inserts sheet to discharge Cheng) , the characteristic of the respect such as scroll management, it is general and current software very inappeasable.

Software is good, the key depends on it comfortable do not fit line of business of one's own profession effective demand, can achieve expect the result. If be aimed at the ERP at paper box industry, can resolve quick quoted price and sample BOM government. Well-known, the product that place of client of paper box business wants is done not have almost identical, box, arris, paper quality, presswork the detail such as craft has specific demand, still have the sample model that designs for paper box only.

(The trial that 1) opens odd managing quickly

The order amount of paper box business is much, the requirement is much, change is sharp. Accordingly, this industry stress is whether quick sale leaves sheet offers a client to affirm with the sample that make, opening sheet quickly among them is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. Main difficult point is to involve a few calculation: An a Zhang Shu that reachs need, area that gives need base paper like the dimension computation that asks according to the client (quote in order to decide cost is reached) etc, this computation is compared commonly complex, can involve case model, norms, arris is fastened, client demand.
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