The new fulcrum of profit of paper box company -- base paper turns management su
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On April 26, 2008, "Paper article- - forum of height of " of base paper management falls smoothly next heavy curtain. Come from overseas Chinese city (Asia) control a limited company (the Hualiji below the banner is round) , Qingdao Hai Erfeng the peak on limited company, Zhejiang packs industry of paper of Shan Ying of limited company of colour paper products, Anhui color print of forest of city of limited company, stage. The conference by general manager of limited company of science and technology of information of Shanghai hope for Mr Zhao Hong (Zhao Zong of the following abbreviation) give a lecture, use system of modern video office- - network video form, as collective as trade public figure around: "Topic of " of base paper management spread out to development is discussed and communicate.

The conference assigns a topic in all: Management of inventory of base paper procurement control, base paper and base paper use government, zhao Zong is incisive, original explain to think actively what cause personage attending the meeting, the accord that got business attending the meeting reputably. Enterprise attending the meeting feedbacks: "Realise base paper purchases the importance " of plan, program, "The operation that produces acting paper more systematization, the loss business accounting that base paper produces, " of facilitating history date from, "Consciousness of base paper management, detail, method got rising further. "Whole meeting atmosphere is dynamic, zhang Xiaojun vice-president tells group of Hua Li of delegate attending the meeting: "Hope for ERP is an efficient system really, can get used to the industry that pack, achieve win-win through turning management and company subtly. "In the light of the trade situation that at present raw material rises in price piece vice-president speaks of: "The enterprise can adopt concentration to purchase, center order, concentration to fix a price, execute a group to buy; Use technology of new bar code, electronic label technology at the same time, can control base paper stock effectively, because the person causes needless loss for accident,decrease; Door of similar base paper comb, what incomplete coils is time clear, very big to reducing base paper loss to have improvement... " . When Zhao Zong tells base paper business to forecast a method, colour of abundant of Qingdao sea Er purchased ministry Zou manager to share their practical experience with enterprise attending the meeting. "According to client demand, to the requirement of paper box, chipboard, combine the amount of demand for service of enterprise oneself: Scroll, paper real stocks, according to current market condition, use up and make purchase a plan, accuracy rate can achieve 80 % above. "Additionally the person that attend the meeting puts forward: Will forecast according to scroll stocks purchase, carry the stock turnover rate of base paper namely, will judge base paper to purchase demand for service. Of personage attending the meeting discuss actively, study and communication turned conference mood the climax.
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