How does paper box business avoid seed profit to make medium the 7th serious off
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The paper box company with domestic at present advanced share is accepting the producer type that seed profit makes stage by stage. But the 6 big fatal error that average company can write down seed profit to make sincerely normally: Overproduction, redundant inventory, redundant movement, invalid await, excessive treatment and product blemish. But the 7th error -- carriage waste often can be ignored by corrugated box factory however. The author thinks business of prospective paper box should be more the waste that pays close attention to carriage link, to this potential domain digs gold.

In the home that the author visits major annual produce is in the corrugated box enterprise of 100 million yuan of above, major company sheds personnel without the content of full-time. Some companies set content shedding group or content sheds a part, but the function that the action that is responsible and day-to-day carriage professional work merely bids and carries deliver goods to coordinate. With a sales revenue 100 million yuan corrugated box is exemple, of every time base paper purchase a quantity to achieve 40 thousand tons or so. At the same time quantity of finished product of shipment rows of tiles on a roof also can achieve 40 thousand tons or so. Besides corrugated box still belongs to light goods. Add a few otherer the content of complementary makings spreads cost, with factory of current and general corrugated box the business radiation limits of 200 kilometers looks, year of content shedding charge of this type company 4 million yuan can arrive in 2 million yuan, can hold sale roughly 4% the left and right sides. Although cost can spread in content of existing foundation admiral,drop in sale proportion 0.5% , also can think the enterprise is managing at least so 500 thousand - 1 million right-and-left content spreads cost. To paper box plant is at present general the current situation with low profit margin, of this charge saving also is quite objective. The company that of course also one part photograph should precede is promoted like grand pack, grand company is timely the concept that guides seed profit is carried. The content in dropping a product not only spreads cost, and the radiation range that extended a product. For example Shenzhen grand starts company share scope of business already radiation arrives beyond about 1000 kilometers China in the client of the area.

The end that seed profit carries is to will carry the time of article to compress to the shortest, reduce variation to lowest.

Realize the key that seed profit carries to depend on: Design a line jointly with carriage business, carry the optimal kind of the product certainly.

Paper box factory must as far as possible will needless carry decrease to lowermost rate, waste often is to use overmuch capital fund (inventory) the requirement that will satisfy carriage time and change. General carriage wastes a phenomenon to often happen in the following respect:

·The selection technological process of carriage provider;
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