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"With in does short edition presswork does if where to develop continuously on the market with intense competition and increase market share ceaselessly,the label 卬 that give priority to brush an enterprise? Won't delay of course with antiquated technology and concept. "

President of Gintzler Graphic company Mr Franklin Nice

President of Gintzler Graphic company Mr Franklin Nice

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This pressworks to the enterprise is forecasted and get used to the market of constant change stage by stage, they launched a challenge to outmodel conventions old common. "Investment technology " be the catchword of a conduct propaganda on its website no longer, they and equipment manufacturer cooperate, finished a series of well-advised equipment to purchase.

This is the development concept that is in company of Gintzler Graphic of city of buffalo of city of American new York. Since holding water 1916, this company the relief printing plate from a model is small presswork the factory begins, in a few years experienced sheet piece paper, pressure quick gooey develop course with package label black-and-white. 20 centuries 70 time, gintzler company realises cycle of narrow cut brand pressworks the growth potential of the market, begin from sheet piece paper and print of glue adhesive tape Wu is progressively transform to this one domain.

Today, be in Gintzler company 54000 square foot in workshop, taste besides main production and health care of treatment such as, cosmetic, outside the brand of the industry such as medicine and food, return treatment to grow the swift and violent contractive business that cover sign in recent years.

"We are dedicated in treatment of short edition high quality high-grade a mark product, " Gintzler company president Mr Franklin Nice expresses, "We can produce all sorts of pressing quick label and special and flexible pack reach treatment. Our manufacturing facilities basically reachs printing machine of UV soft edition to give priority to with cycle relief printing plate. "

Gintzler Graphics company transforms the base that expands for its with the concept of product diversification with science and technology, with its extensive and the change that the productivity of diversification gets used to the market and demand, enhance the client's satisfaction to spend ceaselessly. But although this company has the idea of such innovation, till number before New Year, still did not consider to purchase seriously full automatic change an equipment to raise high yield can.

Old since, label pressworks need of the ability when the enterprise thinks to reach Gao Yin to estimate production in inferior quality only changes an equipment automatically, do not apply to Gintzler company this kind pressworks with short edition those who give priority to presswork factory. "The view that this is us really " , president Mr Nice admits, "In the meantime, this also is at that time the consensus that industry travels together, but the change as the market, our idea also is changed subsequently, we discovered change an equipment automatically to be in like us such short edition pressworks the value in production. " .
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