How the forme of box of logical choice paper and its supplier
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Forme is paper box, carton pressworks one of important raw material of production, its are characteristic how, matter to not only presswork manufacturing efficiency, and affect a product directly presswork quality. As a result of forme structure, character different, its presswork quality and cost are apparently different also. So, according to pressworking the produces condition, product actually characteristic of the factory is mixed the character of forme, choose appropriate forme to undertake pressworking, it is the important step that raises paper box to produce benefit and product quality.

The sort of paper box forme and characteristic

Metal of cent of paper box forme and metalloid two kinds big, commonly used craft basically is involved sunken imprint, flexographic plate pressworks and offset print 3 kinds, because the character of forme is different, its presswork cost of the effect, production also somewhat difference.

Sunken formecharacteristic

Sunken imprint layer of product Chinese ink is thick, even, presswork administrative levels is rich, qualitative sense is strong, printing ink is dry rate is rapid, additional, still have presswork rate is rapid, presswork Chinese ink color and quality compare not stable, easy generation to presswork the good point with off color and higher pressrun, if be used at imprinting to measure the packing product such as particularly big electron, medicine, food and cigarette, but better land reduces manufacturing cost.

The character of PS edition

PS edition is current imprint beforehand of paper box basically presswork edition material, its plate making art handy, quick, page make-up operation is very convenient, can presswork already on-the-spot, line, can presswork again careful reticulation edition, and presswork emersion effect is good, presswork the price compares petty gain relatively, use extensively at pressworking the packing product such as paper of paper box side and carton.

The character of edition of oak offset print

Balata forme is flexographic plate pressworks art commonly used forme, its material qualitative softness, what be used extensively at corrugated fibreboard is direct presswork. When use balata forme, should notice its printability, like the sex of close Chinese ink from balata, sex that send handwriting or painting, enclothe the respect regard such as force and repeatability. Use water base model printing ink pressworks, than synthetic rubber with natural balata forme forme is close friends; Butyl balata forme relatively agree with use dissolvent printing ink; Forme of fourth nitrile balata should avoid to use solvent printing ink as far as possible, be corroded in order to prevent forme to destroy by solvent. Balata forme can presswork already the surface is rough bear imprint content, can be in again quality of a material undertakes pressworking on harder data, and have taller pressrun. But, its are put in easy metabolic malady, reason is unsuited presswork the product of high accuracy.
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