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Does paper box presswork how should the company answer Shui Moyin to brush groover to debug not the issue that beautiful brings?

When spending low paper to make the paper in paper of corrugated fibreboard face and paper box with the gram, what if will receive the clearance of paper roller,adjust is too small, meeting pressing hurts rows of tiles on a roof. Become the gram spends li of paper inferior when, the clearance of line ball annulus is adjusted too smally, return the paper in particularly easy crush.

Leakage flower appears when the design that approachs impress line point pressworks, but will shake lid impress line changes dark line (the straight-cut machine in corrugated fibreboard transfer matic perhaps is divided in only station cut on machine; Squelch only the impress line of the paper in paper box, the impress route that does not control aspect of paper paper box) .

Is paper box typographic the question that how should answer the difference on color of base paper surface to bring?

The chromatism of paperboard of paper of board paper, fine dried noodles, tea and white paperboard is bigger, even if is same after batch of white paperboard or paperboard of bosseyed Tu Bubai are machined via corrugated fibreboard line, because produce machine rate,the be heated state of white paperboard differs, its whiteness also can produce change, meeting occurrence whiteness drops or become grey to become deep; Bring about same the whiteness that approves a product appears difference, and after pressworking with offset press, it is better that its whiteness still retains the white board that sticks a face again, machine the corrugated fibreboard that go out through corrugated fibreboard line with white paperboard so, when pressworking on machine of water Chinese ink, what elects black had better compare offset press is a bit deeper, can rise so presswork the contrast of design, colour is bright-coloured also. Additional, although use the same variety of same company, its are different the base paper product of batch, put possibly also in different hue difference, the whiteness that is like general white board 75% above, the whiteness of besmear cloth white paperboard is in 75% above. But the white paperboard of different batch can appear first some slanting the watch is blue, some slanting yellow. To assure oneself approve product color to agree together, the base paper that should use same batch as far as possible will presswork same batch product. But when amount of same batch base paper is insufficient, even if should use the base paper of different batch, also should consider to approve with batch between the chromatism of base paper, the base paper that still answers different batch pressworks the product that give undertakes tagging, distinguish in order to show, such ability ensure shaping product colour and lustre is consistent.

Does paper box presswork the question that how should the factory answer cutting tool discomfort to bring?
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