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Normally, the way that roller of rows of tiles on a roof buys has two kinds. The first kind is purchased directly namely, this also is the commonnest choice; The 2nd kind is hire, bring into roller in project of administration of roller of rows of tiles on a roof. Below these two kinds of circumstances, the economic element that wants a consideration includes the circulating fund, cost, arris life with roller.

When buying roller of rows of tiles on a roof, most what consider first is arris model. Every the most commonly used arris (for instance arris of B, C, E etc) have a lot of accepted standards and different specifications. The edge that span of tall, arris and arris arc combination give different edge each are not identical, make the chipboard that go out also differ. Be in business of any paper box, roller norms choice is a very main strategy decision-making. This decision-making medium key is shrinkage, with commercial term for, this has distinct effect to cost. For instance, shrinkage will decrease 2% , save paper effectively.

The relation between shrinkage and manufacturing cost

Shrinkage (TUR)

TUR= { (primitive rate - new rate) / primitive rate }

For instance, two assumed B arris shrinkage = { (1.3504-1.3165) / 1.3504 } =0.0251

With per cent (multiply with 100) will express is 2.51% .

Roller the saves paper cost in service life (euro)

The weight of the paper with the charge managing = that saves paper (ton) (Wts) × the cost of every tons of paper

The area of the corrugated paper that the roller of average weight × of Wts=TUR × paper processes;

Perhaps the average weight × of paper of Wts=TUR × { (the average width of the deckle of × of life × primitive TUR of roller) }

If the average weight =105gsm of paper, the life =40 of roller, 000, 000 meters, the rice of average width =2 of deckle, the cost of paper is every tons of 300 euro, so 105 × of Wts=0.0251 × { (1.3504 × of 40 × 2) } =284.7 ton

Note: The unit of weight is Gsm (G/m2) , the life of roller is calculated with rice.

If drawing element increases, adjustable rate can become a negative factor, cost decreases to be able to become cost to increase. ) so: The charge =300 × that roller saves paper in service life 284.7=85, 410 euro. Should knowing the equality above is approximation, suffer distinct wear rate effect. However they offerred a kind of simple calculation the method of different arris cost.

Produce cost

The economic element of the 2nd consideration is the life of the roller related to cost. Should calculate this is both the scale between, the bearing that uses when roller, installation and other part and the totle drilling cost that install the labour force of roller should consider to go in.

The computational method of the cost of the roller of length of linear of every 1 million units is shown as follows:

The cost that wait installs the cost bearing of cost = { roller labor cost } / the life of roller
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