General management of equipment of the paper box business that pack and its bene
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Strict award punishs clear responsibility

To make clear responsibility, facilitating management, those who want a facility maintain fulfil a person, every equipment all is in charge of by pilot, every branch is in charge of by the director, carry out strictly according to the system, maintain in equipment the advanced character achievement such as head of the pilot that there is outstanding contribution in defending the work, department should grant to commend award. If have those who violate equipment management standard, buckle strictly by concerned regulation punish, ensure equipment manages earnest sex of the standard.

Equipment archives manages: Archives data should unite number, concentration is custodial, classification is deposited, person specially assigned for a task is responsible, want to have good custodial requirement. Archives data should have appropriate confidential sex. All blueprint must have a design, proofread, tracing personnel signs to just can file, bai Tu cannot file. Borrow read equipment archives data to must have approval procedures, organic repair chief to issue receipt for a loan, show an account, approve via producing Technical Division square can lend, should mention expressly remand date, borrow read blueprint archives not to get privately to revise, besmear is written, if need what cannot remand on schedule because of the job truly, should deal with formalities of renew a book. The unit borrows outside review technical data, want to be approved via be in charge of a factory director, in appoint a place to consult, general situation must not be carried leave factory. The data that every belongs to base map property does not allow to borrow commonly read. Equipment technology data should undertake arranging regularly, compensatory, forbidden break whole data. When equipment have enough to meet need, modulate, its technology archives is taken away randomly, after equipment discards as useless, its technology archives can seal up for keeping or cancel.

The maintenance of equipment and maintain

Defend strategy -- make equipment runs normally

Safeguard and repair strategy to had had one pile, although common saying says " precaution excels cure " , but still sufficient reason rises precautionary strategy and union of corrective maintenance strategy. Nevertheless, the balance between both is very principal also, this depends on greatly the equipment circumstance inside the dimensions of the factory and factory.

Corrective maintenance or urgent overhaul cannot run in equipment namely when, the position that uses all sorts of methods to make its restore normal movement (run all the time equipment, wait for its just undertake overhauling) after occurrence breakdown. Corrective maintenance need not let equipment hold initiative locomotive position. Repair temporarily to what equipment undertakes sometimes, can make its maintain the manufacturing position of certain level only, even when at some convenience, undertake the overhaul by the plan again. But this kind of practice does not accord with TPM(to point to complete an equipment maintenance) the concept of mode. Preventive the corrective maintenance that the overhaul should be used at decreasing or puts an end to abiogenesis sex. It needs to finish all maintaining to work in order to ensure equipment is in normally condition. These maintaining the job includes following content: (When 1) presses established movement, grow or if workload interval undertakes the overhaul, the problem on operation of will easier fish or hidden trouble, fall bad influence to lowermost rate. (2) was covered all detect preventively working maintenance sexual facility status is probed. (Overhaul of 3) correct an error is to point to a part that breakdown or functional derogation already appeared in equipment to restore its initiative all jobs that run state. (4) replaces form maintenance is special apply to the equipment with quite costly processing, make its carry higher utilization rate.
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