General management of equipment of the paper box business that pack and its bene
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Have the method of economic evaluation to equipment

When choice device, want to undertake to equipment economy is evaluated above all, the method that uses normally has:

1. Invest way of pay back period. Investing way of pay back period is one of main methods that evaluate investment beneficial result. Investment pay back period, it is to show with year of charge after using new facility savings calls in its are all the fixed number of year of installation cost. Below same condition, investment pay back period is briefer, plan of choose and buy jumps over actor.

2. Cost efficiency analyses a way. Cost efficiency analyses a law to also call life periodic law, this method basically considers systematic efficiency and life cycle inside total cost two elements. Systematic efficiency expresses the manufacturing efficiency of equipment, dependability, maintainability. Life cycle scale of fees shows the total cost of equipment lifetime, by equipment purchase cost and upkeep two composition. Upkeep spends cost with the wage that includes to operate personnel, the sources of energy, maintain the charge such as the expenses of stop production loss after repairing cost, accident happening, insurance premium and fixed assets taxes. Cost efficiency shows the result that unit expense can get.

3. The business accounting method of equipment productivity:

(1) decides the main factor of business productivity level has 3: It is the fixed assets measure that shares production directly (include area of machine equipment, production to wait) or labour force amount (the business that produces in mechanization, its productivity depends on the amount of the fixed assets of productivity, labour force should be the) of corresponding form a complete set commonly. 2 it is effective working hours. It is equal to annual number multiplies system man-day to make a number with day-to-day work, multiply again count with every Xiaoshi, deduct the working hours sum after shutdown time. 3 it is manufacturing efficiency. This is the most active ingredient, the norm when the stage that the manufacturing efficiency of machine equipment is the rated output that uses unit machine device or unit product comes denotive, the relation each other of both is reciprocal.

(The principle of productivity of 2) business accounting: Ability of the company that pack is each link productivity is integrated, answer consequently ordinal part by dominant link the productivity of the link such as group of check and ratify, workshop section, workshop, chase class to be balanced integratedly by what fall and go up, final check and ratify gives the productivity of the enterprise, namely integrated productivity.

The business accounting method of productivity. The enterprise that pack presses productivity of equipment business accounting commonly.

Equipment of machine of × of effective working hours produces the quantitative × machine equipment of equipment of machine of = of machine equipment productivity efficiency
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