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The movement of the enterprise is communicate by capital, manpower, equipment, information, the multiple element such as plan, content shedding comprises, as one of main factors that maintain an enterprise to run normally, the enterprise has facility manufacturing management an activity what cannot departure. Paper box business regards type of production as the enterprise is such more -- the stand or fall of equipment management is affecting product quality and date of delivery directly, those who deciding paper box business promote decline success or failure.

Now, the height that business of box of a lot of paper expresses an opposite to produce equipment takes seriously and throw strongly, made perfect equipment management manual in succession. And have not be opposite a few more additionally in paper box business maintain and maintain the system that forms a kind to perfect of equipment, the equipment of a lot of manufacturer maintains still be in optional, take a form, non-standard condition, this theres is no lack of among them objective reason, but the mainest subjective still reason, for instance equipment maintains manage what metric system decides to did not catch up with in time with what safeguard, and this is to be able to improve the equipment of the enterprise to maintain greatly with what safeguard a plan to carry out a circumstance. The function actor bad of every equipment and efficiency discretion, restricting the quality that paper box business produces, plan and cost greatly.

To assure excellent equipment performance, assure efficient production, besides buying comfortable equipment, undertake maintaining to equipment with safeguard the effect that can have a nip in the bud. This also is the issue that paper box business needs to take seriously highly. So, is paper box business how does look upon equipment maintain of this problem? How is their aborning to operate? Does equipment maintain with safeguard what content to contain after all? What should notice? Make as what produce equipment look -- does equipment supplier maintain to equipment can defray what wise move? This period, we maintain equipment of box of straight face paper with the issue that defends this to be worth paper box business to pay close attention to.