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Connect paper box easily quickly to run systematic application

Tell paper easily quickly operation of case management system is handier, it can consolidate administrative client order, inquire the executive circumstance of order at any time, calculate automatically according to the norms of client order most a makings dimension that saves paper, automatic computation is monovalent; Open a manufacturing sheet, buying order automatically, deliver goods sheet, bill. This system can be automatic make sheet of client month form and sheet of supplier month form, make the person looked be clear at a glance to managing a case. Its computation is formulary and open, computation of each box type is formulary by set of user proper motion, have taller flexibility. This system is right of chipboard purchase, supplied materials is checked and accept, check of put in storage, delivery of cargo from storage, inventory, can have effective control, implementation purchases a plan reasonably, reach nowadays to amount to buying order, control is good purchase cost. Every months of automatic statistic concerns this system data, automatic statistic sells wool interest rate, analytic sale cost and purchase the specified amount. Basis sale and purchase the specified amount, the system can arise automatically receivable handle Zhang money. This system can offer statistic to analyse module, each forms for reporting statistics can be accurate of business of box of timely response paper accept the order, production, deliver goods, inventory, and of payment for goods receivable deal with, sell the data such as profit, and the system handles all receipts and forms for reporting statistics is to define a format oneself, by client freedom place of custom-built this factory wants all sorts of forms. This system can realize systematic synchronism to operate through INTERNET net, safeguard and upgrade. This system adopts an user attributive allocation is confidential make, in order to ensure the confidential sex of data. This system still can is opposite the production of employee has reckon by the piece, raise the diaphaneity of pay of paper box business, also increase the manufacturing enthusiasm of employee. This management system is being used on true it may be said is quick, easy, unobstructed, "Connect easily quickly " those who got centralized reflect.
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