Deserted paper is packed " seventy-two metamorphoses "
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In Chong Mingdong beach general laid a special a plank road built along a cliff: Iron grey, crural feeling resembles a floor, but won't decay again. Stand when you above bird seeing gull circle in the air collect plays, admire boundless bulrush to lift blast a green billow when, want to be less than anyhow: The model wood floor of this a plank road built along a cliff uses laid namely you drink the milk that remain, beverage to wrap bagging to be produced for raw material everyday.

Deserted paper is packed change floor of body model wood, it is its only " seventy-two metamorphoses " one of changing. Through " environmental protection travels " , pass the processing of professional manufacturer and treatment, deserted paper is packed can produce a second birth paper, floor, ash-bin, clothes tree, ping-pong large quantities of one articles for daily use such as bat, tray and industrial makings, be beneficial to environmental protection already, can produce good economic benefits again. But nowadays, the deserted paper of Shanghai magnanimity is packed can " seventy-two metamorphoses " less than 10% .

With rubbish associate with, regrettablly the formal name that paper packs cries " compound paper is packed " , by the pulp of 75% , 20% plastic synthesize 6 complex structures with 5% aluminium.

Compound paper is packed is bag of a kind of triangle at first, at present already pattern 100: Square Founder multangular of benefit happy brick, fat fat benefit happy pillow, much arris benefit is happy auger. Its scope of application is wider and wider, of the food of a lot of liquids such as grandma of milk, beans, coffee, beverage pack little not it. According to statistic, paper packs the milk that Shanghai uses up every year only to amount to many tons 12 thousand, if add the paper that the beverage place such as coke, coffee uses to pack, more huge.

As a result of the strict requirement of food, the pulp that the compound paper institute that pack uses, plastic waiting for material with aluminium is the superlative degree, if compound paper packs medium paper,high grade former unripe fiber is made, consequently can hundred reclaim recycle. The expert is calculated, if them all second birth is used, can use 9000 tons of former unripe pulp less every year at least, managing 2400 tons plastic, 600 tons of aluminium, save a large number of filling to bury a space.
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