The cost that box papers after paper box imprints is controlled
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Course of study of Chinese paper case persists via what pass more than 10 years development, gradually from big country of backward trend corrugated box, exceed groovy development as a result of overspeed at the same time, cause produce can serious superfluous, profit is severe coast, make numerous paper box business moves toward the brim that does not have profit. Improve this kind of malign market to be not individual business to be able to be solved, the enterprise needs to live development, should solve the problem of oneself above all, the competition ability that how promotes a business, reduce space of profit of manufacturing cost, mining, this is the problem that business of every paper box remains to solve, what do not take oneself fall malign competition is vortical cannot extricate oneself, if serve as industry leader to still be in wait-and-see, still be in place footfall, so enterprise general is washed out automatically.

The author sums up these year of contacts client, integrated all sorts of information that they feedback, have a lot of deep feeling really: Paper box gain is very small now, paper box business is done hard etc! Often also see similar card on professional website, the author thinks this kind of anguish also is not the aspirations of individual business, this has been a kind of common phenomenon. So how to break through this bottleneck? Everybody pays close attention to very much all the time presswork reach sewing thread on card, but often oversight the craft after imprinting, the likelihood is the element that former installation cost just causes attention greatly relatively, the reason with the less or dispensable investment after imprinting and by oversight. The printing machine that calculates manufacturer of certain paper box actually is top-ranking, if hind working procedure did not hold good, make one caboodle waste product probably. If throw partial energy to had controlled the segment after imprinting, the gain with sizable brushstroke can be created like. The author is aimed at the burnt box link after imprinting, the condition that integrated and numerous client reflects, the improvement that hopes to adopt the technology after imprinting can bring certain help to paper box business.

The paper box demand of Chinese exit product is bigger and bigger, taller and taller also to requirement of paper box quality. Export a product pack reaching food to pack much is finished through agglutinate, and at present home is aimed at burnt box (box) have operation of 4 kinds of means:
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