Expert viewpoint: Corrugated box builds the feasibility report of the factory
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Corrugated box factory attributes trade of form a complete set, want to do job of survey of market of good early days and feasibility research before building a plant, mature the client to future group support the order of the enterprise, will decide the dimensions building a plant of the enterprise and whole locate.

The feasibility that builds a plant reports content includes: Client group develop demand and market prospect with future now forecast; Build a factory to invest the budget of capital; Plant area sets location and investment dimensions to be decided really; The program layout of plant area; Produce equipment purchase fixed position; Personnel is deployed reach constituent structure setting. Client group develop demand and market prospect with future now forecast

Client group develop demand and market prospect with future now forecast, it is the safeguard that the early days order that the enterprise obtains development supports, having crucial effect to building the health of the enterprise to grow, deciding the success or failure that the company invests.

Plant area sets location and investment scale

Regard form a complete set as the industry, the address building a plant of corrugated box factory chooses the circumjacent area in main customer commonly, serve with the convenient form a complete set that pack, contented increasingly faddish offer money immediately, this also is the main reason that in recent years factory of numerous corrugated box begins different ground to build a plant.

Because the crude production of enterprise interior sheds have enough to meet need to need, corrugated box factory asks to cover an area of an area commonly bigger, the too little efficiency that covers an area of an area to be able to affect business other people badly to shed have enough to meet need, affect the date of delivery that produces efficiency and product thereby, limit sale grow continuously.

When undertaking corrugated box factory invests dimensions to decide, the sale that can forecast according to the future of market survey will consider, usually, covering an area of area and sale appropriately is proportionate, can according to year sale needs factory building of corrugated box plant 30 million yuan to cover an area of an area to control scale to have investment for 10 thousand square metre, namely year sale covers an area of an area to be controlled in 10 thousand square metre surely in factory building of 30 million the following corrugated box plant for appropriate; Sale should achieve 100 million yuan, cover an area of an area to should exceed 30 thousand square metre; Want to achieve the sale of 100 million above, the proposal covers an area of area design to be controlled for 50 thousand square metre, be helpful for business plant area and afforest program so. When the program layout of plant area is having the program position of plant area, should have done ahead of schedule the following the preparation of the content of 3 respects, this want to take seriously highly. It is the circuit design of whole plant area on one hand, the circuit that should locate according to the fixation of equipment the requirement undertakes line and illume use phone setting having the circuit that uses phone goes adequately takes a line. It is the design of establishment of fire control of whole plant area on the other hand, reasonable installation hydrant, liner spray or fire control cistern, do safety of good fire control to work. The 3rd respect is the design that flotsam duct. Regard corrugated box as the factory, the waste material that produces in producing a course is more, to purify the spot, improve manufacturing site level of management, with respect to the unobstructed that must make sure flotsam is carried.
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