Practice of sale of market of business of some paper box analyses Shenzhen (on)
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At present the corrugated fibreboard product of our country is on the international market already be among the best of candidates, grow at full speed in the industry and obtain fructification of plentiful and substantial while, brutal competition also comes unexpectedly. Face so intense market competition environment, stand erect of the imposing in wanting to compete in intense market, paper box business is about to undertake an analysis to whole market, formulate a sale strategy that fits oneself, ability makes the enterprise holds gain position all the time.

And business of some paper box is opposite the Shenzhen of seek by inquiry of this second case place just about the market undertakes comprehensive analysis, make the company of program and sale strategy next. This enterprise is located in the heartland of Pearl River delta that Guangdong saves, have advantage of ground predestined relationship, market dominant position, news dominant position and humanitarian environment advantage, for the business of this company development offerred advantageous exterior condition. But at the same time, they also saw the challenge that the company faces, assemble of area of Pearl River delta a lot of abroad solely invested, China and foreign countries is joint-stock with enterprise of relatively large villages and towns, civilian battalion, their equipment is advanced, craft form a complete set is complete, presswork quality is excellent, management is agile, delivery is rapid and seasonable, have very strong competition ability. Be in Shenzhen, the congener enterprise that pack has many 2000, of dimensions and its close have 200 or so (the statistical data that packages an user according to Shenzhen estimates) .

Accordingly business of this paper box thinks to want to be in development of estate of one's own profession expands, will face intense competition. To this their application to corrugated box of located domestic environment, Japan and in-house product did comprehensive analysis, made a company develop the strategy and market sale strategy.

Home market analysis

Policy environment

Our country is being carried out can develop the strategy continuously, emphasize the benign and harmonious development of resource, population, environment, economy, society, and inspect environmental policy be herbaceous national policy. Papermaking industry because of resource use up big, environment to pollute a problem relatively serious, accordingly, the country also takes environmental protection problem seriously particularly, published corresponding policy code in succession, serious to waste of a few resources, environmental pollution is big, enterprise of backward small papermaking undertook the technology close, stop, and, turn processing. Our company equipment is advanced, technology is sound, "3 useless " discharge each index to accord with place and national level, do not put in environmental protection problem, the country eliminates a part backward company is right instead they such advantage company is more advantageous.
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