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The current situation that market sale is analysed even if points to the industry that is in at present to the enterprise or the industry that will enter, resource is supplied, product, especially the competitor's current situation and the analysis that its change trend place undertakes.

The value that market sale analyses:

·The footing that is activity of business market sale and at all premise

The end that begins market analysis is to satisfy need of the material that people grows ceaselessly and culture life better on one hand, also be to make the enterprise achieves first-class economic benefits and social beneficial result at the same time. Want to achieve afore-mentioned goals, its footing and basic premise should undertake market sale environment is analysed namely. Undertake investigation and study and analysis thorough and meticulously to business market only, hold consumer demand in time, ability recognize this enterprise is located the advantage in the environment and inferior position, raise is long fill short. Otherwise, the enterprise achieves the goal that its satisfy social demand and the economic benefits that had created and social benefit impossibly well, even get into trouble, by annex or be washed out. The practice of a lot of enterprises proves adequately, the market analyses the footing that is activity of business market sale and basic premise.

·It is the foundation of company managemant decision, it is science decision-making offerred assure

The premise of company managemant decision is market research, the main content of market research is to want the market sale environment to the enterprise to undertake investigating, arrange classification, research and analysis, offer preliminary conclusion and proposal, the basis serves as in order to offer when the policymaker takes a managemant decision. What the market analyses is correct, matter to an enterprise directly the success or failure that decision-making layer invests a series of production such as strategy of combination of dimensions of direction, investment, technical reformation, product, ad, public concern to run an activity to the enterprise.

·Be helpful for an enterprise discovering new market opportunity, take step in time, hold future scientificly

New management opportunity can make the enterprise obtains competition advantage and differential interest or reverse located adverse position. Of course, in real life, often be opportunity and menace coexist, and the likelihood is changed each other. If good chance did not hold, the advantage becomes a burden possibly, become inferior position, and minatory namely adverse factor is possible also translate into is advantageous element, make the enterprise acquires a new life thereby. Here, the key depends on wanting to be good at analysing market sale environment meticulously, be good at seizing an opportunity, dissolve menace, in making the company is competing, seek to live on put, stability is sought in change, beneficial result is achieved in manage, hold adequately to did not come
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