How can let high-grade paper box presswork get twice the result with half the ef
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Current, our country corrugated box pressworks the period that the technology is in rapid development, paper box is high-grade presswork the technology is in got great progress in recent years, the product of 60LPI~85LPI is added gradually much, achieved 100LPI~133LPI even sometimes. But undeniable is, presswork as high-grade paper box technical development, a series of problems that produce also are added gradually much, main report is manufacturing efficiency low, percent defective is advanced respect. The problem that encounters with respect to manufacturing manufacturer place now is made here a few discuss.

Generally speaking, manufacturing efficiency basically gets pre-construction, presswork speed, trade the issue such as edition time restrict. The adjustment that pre-construction includes printing plate, adjustment of each the equipment of printing ink, pressure, chromatically is adjusted etc. Because be of high-grade paper box,presswork, so each link ask to compare tall, the photograph is take time, arduous to comparing. Again criterion, speed is decided by the itself of the machine, general the demand as a result of overlay of precision of chromatically of black-and-white of high-grade paper box, colour is very high, so machine speed unlike pressworks common paper box is so fast. Additionally the chipboard of high-grade paper box is compared mostly thin, stricter to sending paper the demand of machine, speed also can be restricted certainly accordingly.

Current, because market product tends the production of much breed, small lot, the impact that changes edition time opposite to produce efficiency so is bigger and bigger. Average printing machine uses rail mounted structure, change edition, brush the need when edition to part every kinds of machine, change incorporate together again after edition, such virtually wasted a lot of time. To overcome this problem, domestic and international now high-grade printing machine, used structure of unit and independent type mostly, aircrew is fixed, change edition and brush when edition, need to open the door between aircrew only, can complete all works, reduced a lot of time, improved manufacturing efficiency.

Besides, to high-grade paper box presswork, the discretion of percent defective is very serious problem. The generation of reject basically is forbid as a result of chromatically or color overlay is bad to cause. And chromatically basically does not bend by chipboard definitely, of forme tilt, adjustable, precision of printing machine equipment is insufficient wait for a problem and arise. Of course, more or less can aborning chipboard be out of shape a bit, we cannot ask it is complete level off, in sending paper, black-and-white whole process with respect to need printing machine so, as far as possible get used to correctional chipboard, use the effect best in order to achieve. High-grade now printing machine uses vacuum adsorption in portion of engine sending paper, leather belt of type suction wind is used to carry a structure among printing machine, reduced the demand to chipboard greatly, obtained very good result. Additional, it is very important also that the bend slop regulation of forme is rectified, of high-grade paper box presswork, taller to forme requirement, every kinds of forme can assure be placed in the middle and standard when impossible installation, the problem of be placed in the middle is OK through pressworking the axial of roller is adjusted undertake modulatory, but water square does not have a law to adjust to average machine. When choosing printing machine so, had better choose the bend slop regulation that contains printing plate to make systematic machine.
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