From a different point of view of carton printing process
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Quality from the perspective of the development carton, corrugated box printing must gradually to high-grade, high quality, multi-color, visual effects, a strong network printing direction. Packaging not only has the packaging functions, but also serve advertising to attract consumers to marketing purposes, there is the aesthetic appearance and environmental health. To achieve this effect, the production of cardboard boxes on the plate, ink, printing equipment are put forward higher requirements. Production equipment must be high-speed, multi-color, precise cutting, small error and high-tech direction. In addition, the corrugated box industry should broaden their product and service targets, and actively develop small micro-corrugated boxes, supermarket goods HE, honeycomb and other new products, both to the breadth and depth of development. From the technology point of view, offset mounted after the process due to pressure and left too much water in the gel, so that the carton flat crush strength, adhesion strength and other technical indicators can not meet the requirements of the packaging of luxury goods. Flexographic printing directly there cardboard surface smooth, easily lead to washboard phenomenon. Flexo printing slotting machine accuracy is not high, difficult to improve the print quality grade. Pre-absorption of the above-mentioned advantages of printing process, eliminating their shortcomings. First use of sophisticated high-end flexo or gravure printing equipment, color illustrations, promotional marketing products to meet the demand, and then by watts cardboard production line, and finally cutting into the box to protect the board's strength, to the protection and promotion of high-end packaging The dual function. From an efficiency point of view, corrugated production line speeds of up to 120mmin, to meet the demand for high-speed production, the high speed automatic cutting machine cutting into the box, so that much shorter production cycle to meet customer requirements and timely delivery. From the use of raw materials point of view, is a senior coated paper, glossy paper, cardboard cutting pressure is small, can guarantee a good corrugated shape, in particular to meet the low weight high strength cardboard trend, reducing the quantitative, cost savings . Pre-printed on the process control and production efficiency are both reduced the overall cost of cartons, high-quality, high-volume production, pre-printing is the best way. Screen printing and digital printing methods can achieve high print quality and visual effects. Simple low cost screen printing plate can be achieved by changing version of the function of packaging security. Digital printing can also modify the digital file directly to security processing. However, low production efficiency of both, can not meet the timely supply of high-volume products, suitable for printing small quantities, personalized on-demand printing, or as a useful complement to other ways in security, India to play a role in processing of special effects . On the whole, the domestic carton industry, the three conventional corrugated printing applications are more common, becoming the mainstream way of printed corrugated boxes. The new printing system box way, because the equipment, materials, technology, operations and other technical issues yet to be fully mastered, investment, promotion of the difficulty is still relatively large. But the cartons enterprises in order to improve product quality, reduce total cost of the carton, to maximize profits and increase competitive advantage in the market, the printing system using the new boxes process is imperative. Carton printing process from the development of the overall situation, the traditional printing methods will continue to develop, plastic gravure printing, carton gravure, web offset technology remains to be promoted and improved, direct offset printing and pre-printed corrugated box production process, new digital production should cause us concern. Adagio process of direct printing of corrugated box making, printing technology need to be improved overall, but with the constant application of new technologies, flexographic printing for its quality and efficiency will be produced in a long time to become the mainstream way. Enterprises and users of the carton to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the production process, a reasonable way to use technology in order to achieve the purpose of low-input high output. Of new enterprises on production equipment, but also considering the process factors, prudent investment.