The brief introduction with accurate mark of check of performance of Chinese pap
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This first phase, we will emphasize what use base paper to paper case is being concerned in imports and exports to reach the content that use check to make one brief introduction about national level and regulation. The paper box of our country produces the base paper that company place uses, if will differentiate according to producing area, OK and simple cent is entrance base paper and homebred base paper; If will divide according to the breed of base paper, can divide for cowhide paperboard (home weighs kraft liner again) , base paper of rows of tiles on a roof, useful still at kraft of white paperboard of more high-grade the black-and-white that pack, fine dried noodles, Tubu kraft board etc. As a result of the rapid development of course of study of case of our country paper, the demand of base paper rises in year after year, besmear especially cloth cowhide chipboard, because it has the advantage of cowhide board paper and Tu Bubai paperboard already, what still have the intensity of cowhide board paper and white board is comfortable imprint quality, so the entrance estimates more remarkable growth.

Although the total constitution of domestic base paper is measured,had in recent years very big rise, but be compared with photograph of base paper quality or have a paragraph of difference, and although individual paper mill can reach foreign coequal level, but in a few low grams the kraft of heavy, high strenth and corrugated paper are produced on, because produce can finite, still cannot satisfy requirement at present. Still rely on an entrance for the most part. Examine to the base paper our country of the entrance quarantine branch has specific provision: According to " trade supervision law " regulation, the commodity that expresses to including sort must via examining quarantine orgnaization or its appoint examine the branch undertakes examining, without examining to must not be sold and be used. The paper box that our country imports uses base paper majority is to belong to legal examining commodity, must pass so examine. Examine at present quarantine branch is examining when these paper, what abide by examine the standard has the following roughly:

The standard with 1 , law, mandatory code or other must carry out examine of the standard;

2. law, code has no what mandatory standard or other must carry out to examine of the standard, the standard that can agree by the contract of commerce both sides examines. (if the law, standard that the mandatory standard of code agrees under the contract, the standard that should agree by the contract is carried out) ;

3. afore-mentioned at 2 o'clock nix, can allow according to manufacturing GB, concerned international standard or the country examines the level that quarantine orgnaization specifies examines. Accurate to still having suitable check mark, the choice undertakes via the in-house method standard of approval.

Be aimed at here afore-mentioned need undertook special specification at 2 o'clock, examine actually in us the discovery in the process, major country user is at present right in commerce contract the quality item that imports base paper does not have enough agreement, do not have an agreement even, they often identify brand and source only, and the quality of oversight product itself is fluctuant. This year first half of the year, via the entrance that we examine to quarantine branch examines and discover quality problem paper has several batches, but because the client is in the contract,examine standard, to examine quarantine branch it is difficult to issued unqualified certificate to bring, be claimed to him client and retreated carry to bring a trouble, accordingly, the enterprise that we appeal entrance base paper should agree in the contract quality clause, in order to protect the earnings of oneself.
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