Foreign food packs code 0 distances are analytic
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In recent years, because food of global each district pollutes incident to happen again and again, a lot of areas made corresponding legal regulations to protect consumer, with this directive manufacturer that pack and food the business that pack undertakes food is packed surely. However, these regulations criterion itself are met bewildering unceasingly, when using new method especially, for example distillation, heat is enclosed, the liquid is packed and vapour is antiseptic etc particularly apparent. These circumstances, make manufacturing business is being searched " adaptable " the trouble often is encountered when code. Evaluate current working condition when them, or it is to exit the product is used " proper " when the method undertakes packing, often cannot find appropriate legal regulations.

Strengthen increasingly as international trade come-and-go, the exit of the food respect that pack is increasing also, a very real problem wants to export namely, must satisfy requirement of the other side, accord with the standard of the other side. Accordingly, no matter be the angle consideration that conforms from international, still be from the edible safety that ensures consumer footing sets out, pack safe quality to assure food effectively, accelerate our country food to pack standard system to build pace, raise the material that pack to detect analytic ability already was urgent affairs.

Of new code carry out, will raise food to pack quality further, the safety that assures food is wholesome; Put on record management, increased to food is packed and pack material fountainhead to manage but date from sex, maneuverability is stronger; Carry out according to the requirement that accords with international standard examine quarantine, purchase to the producer goods of relevant enterprise, produce quality inspection of process control, product to waited to raise taller requirement, to level of whole of food of our country imports and exports rising also have profit.

It is the relevant code that each country food packs below, in the industry normative level falls, we can get trifling enlightenment and direct action from which, for better the standard is packed establish vane.

The United States

The 21st chapter in American federal statute (CFR) reachs 186 from the 170th, provided food strictly pack. Contact with food normally - material must accord with American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (the regulation of FDA) , pass the following the test of two kinds of methods. Chemistry becomes minute of composition: Pack use data to must have in code admit clearly really, the business that pack is returned must the methodological conditioning that comply with code asks these material. These regulations basically are in the light of material character.

Migratory test: The material that pack needs a course to examine, be maintained to be the material of on the safe side through sophisticated migratory test. Migratory test is the content level of the food hangover that is used at evaluation to come out from the prediction of a person's luck in a given year in the material that pack. Normally, this method is new-style of the material that pack choose a test surely.
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