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To produce cropper, besides help advance somebody's career a high grade product, find for the product be being packed high gradely also is a serious problem. All the time since, corrugated box is the first selection of American produce cropper, because it can be cropper to save more time, energy and money, still can provide better protection for the goods that rots fragily, easily at the same time.

CCF standard is the positive result that studies jointly by FBA and its member firm, its purpose depends on promoting the further progress of corrugated box industry, bring the credible alternative that pack for its user. Rows of tiles on a roof packs federation (CorrugatedPackagingAlliance, abbreviation is CPA) is by FBA and American forest and paper trade association (AmericanForest&PaperAssociation, abbreviation initiates jointly for AF&PA) , aim to offer a solution to the problem in the industry, stimulative industry grows.

In recent years, in produce the respect that pack appeared again a paper of better fiber of choice 棗 United States box association (TheFiberBoxAssociation, later development abbreviation packs standards standard at rolling out produce corrugated box 2000 for FBA) : Abbreviation of TheCorrugatedCommonFootprint(later development is CCF) . So far, box of CCF standard paper is produce rows of tiles on a roof a rate of the growth in packing is the rapiddest kind, according to WillardBishop advisory company was mixed about food shopkeeper 2003 the findings report of a trade of freight business shows, CCF paper box and can reclaim plastic box (of the market share of RPC) than achieving 2.5:1. Predict 2005, the market share of CCF paper box and PRC is compared will achieve 5:1. CCF paper box and traditional corrugated box will be carried in produce lead position is held on the market that pack.

CCF standard established uniform standard to the norms of corrugated box, make not only produce (fresh fruit, vegetable) pack tray of can applicable occupation standard, still can raise goods to assemble and unassemble, carry, the efficiency of the respect such as storage. This standard applies to the corrugated box that packing carries, also apply to a shop to expose used paper case at the same time.

A kind of standard, a variety of advantage

To produce cropper and freight business character, CCF standard means:

The economy, low, packing program that can use circularly

Utilization rate of good paper case volume

More paper box designs the space that builds with material literary composition

Ensure the protective function to goods

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