Catalog of papermaking method standard (one)
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GB/T147 - 1997 presswork, write reach plot to use base paper dimension

GB/T148 - 1997 presswork, write width of cloth of the blueprint that reach draw dimension

Of sample of GB/T450-2002 paper and chipboard adopt

Of dimension of GB/T451.1-2002 paper and chipboard and degree of skewness determine

Of ration of GB/T451.2-2002 paper and chipboard determine

Of ply of GB/T451.3-2002 paper and chipboard determine

GB/T452.1-2002 paper and even if chipboard is transverse determine

Face of positive and negative of GB/T452.2-2002 paper and chipboard determines

GB/T453-2002 paper fights what Zhang Jiang spends to determine with chipboard (constant speed imposes standard of carry on one's shoulder)

Of GB/T454-2002 paper bursting strength determine

GB/T455-2002 paper is torn off degree determine

Of GB/T456-2002 paper and chipboard smoothness determine (Bie Kefa)

GB/T457-2002 paper is able to bear or endure fold those who spend determine (be like Bai Erfa)

Of GB/T458-2002 paper and chipboard air permeability determine (be like Bai Erfa)

Of GB/T459-2002 paper retractility determine

GB/T460-2002 paper determines with what chipboard applies glue to spend (ink underlines a law)

Mao Xi of GB/T461.1-2002 paper and chipboard sucks fluid height determine (Keliemufa)

GB/T461.2-2002 paper and chipboard surface draw rate determine

GB/T461.3-1989 paper and chipboard absorbefacient mensuration (soggy law)

GB/T2679.4-1994 paper is mixed Di board

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