Catalog of papermaking method standard (2)
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GB/T5399-1985 pulp pH indicator determines (quick way)

Of price of GB/T5400-1998 pulp copper determine

GB/T5401-1985 pulp is alkaline of solubility determine

Of GB/T5402-1985 paper and chipboard air permeability determine (Geer Lai law)

GB/T5405-1985 paper applies glue to spend determine (the liquid filters a way)

GB/T5406-1985 paper shows oil content determine

GB/T6545-1998 corrugated fibreboard is able to bear or endure the mensuration that destroys strength

The mensuration that intensity of pressure of margin of GB/T6546-1998 corrugated fibreboard spends

The mensuration of GB/T6547-1998 corrugated fibreboard ply

The mensuration of GB/T6548-1998 corrugated fibreboard adhesive strength

Paper and mensuration of GB/T7973-1987 pulp, factor of chipboard diffuse reflection (diffusion / perpendicular law)

GB/T7974-1987 paper and chipboard whiteness mensuration (diffusion / is perpendicular law)

GB/T7975-1987 paper and chipboard color mensuration (diffusion / is perpendicular law)

Of electrical conductivity of GB/T7976-1987 insulating paper and fluid of chipboard water extraction determine

Of paper and electrical conductivity of GB/T7977-1987 pulp, fluid of chipboard water extraction determine

GB/T7978-1987 pulp acid not the mensuration of dissolve ash content

GB/T7979-1987 pulp the mensuration of 2 chloric firedamp educt

Mensuration of GB/T8940.1-1988 paper and chipboard whiteness (45 / 0 directional bounce technique)

Mensuration of GB/T8940.2-1988 pulp whiteness

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