Pulp, paper and pulp sample processing and experiment occupation standard
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1 theme content and scope of application

Before this standard stipulated pulp, paper and chipboard experiment, lukewarm wet process reachs the standard air of the experiment.

This standard applies to all pulp, paper and chipboard sample, but the paper after applying to the container that paper and chipboard make and treatment packages data.

2 term

2.1 relative humidity

Below identical temperature and atmospheric pressure, the cent of actual vapor content and content of atmospheric saturation vapor compares atmospheric.

2.2 lukewarm wet process

Make sample and formulary temperature, the moisture content between the air of relative humidity obtains the process of the balance. When the quantity that says when two sample of above of 1h of around be apart heavy result is not more than a regulation, think to already achieved a balance, afore-mentioned circumstances are not in this methodological limits.

3 standards air

The standard air that experiment pulp, paper and chipboard use should be relative humidity (50 2) % with temperature 23. But be confined to is current our country condition, relative humidity of condition of air of original standard of general of of short duration (65 2) % , temperature is maintained by 1993, as transfer.

The change of standard air condition should accord with the change of the short-term relative humidity of following regulation.

The permission of relative humidity deviate is 4% .

Deviate time is in every 15min cannot over 1min.

4 experiments atmospheric is controlled

Good movement of control equipment Ying Liang, ensure indoor air circulates equably. Air should flow indoors with enough rate, about every 5min changes air completely. All refrigeration, heat, add wet, drop in temperature should be outdoor undertake, temperature and humidity by indoor or the inductive component control of air channel exit. Air current must be entered equably from coping small hole, go up by the floor smoke time, make indoor temperature is by accurately control on the level with a very small wave motion. Basis appendix A (compensatory) , indoor temperature and relative humidity are measured inside certain time interval, had made detailed record, measure the stability of room conditions according to the record, place should be read with thermometer of dry wet ball come definitely.
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