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Automatic case designs production demand to paper box
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Current, home already had more and more manufacturer to use automatic case equipment to have case to the product. Automatic case machine is used at folding paper box erect become case or become chipboard fold tray / carton, wait for the finished product that package to load paper box or tray / in carton, hand-in-hand travel seals the automation unit of box. This device by device opening box, statified the device, device that stuff box, electronic-controlled system and electric equipment ark and accuse systematic liquid crystal to show screen is comprised 6 times partly oneself. What differ into box with handiwork is, automatic case equipment is having higher demand to paper box, cause automatic case easily otherwise cannot on the rails. For this, paper box factory wants the case means to the client to refer when production machines paper box, ensure thereby case on the rails. Equipment of automatic to using case has the paper case of case, want to note the problem of the following respect commonly:

Line ball wants clear, line ball to reach groovy place accurate

Differ with artificial case, automatic case equipment reachs trough to paper box line ball the demand is higher. When artificial case, but shallow to impress, line ball opens groove to walk along an undesirable element that waits for figuration of nature of influence paper box to undertake handiwork correctional. And automatic case basically relies on suction nozzle, block lever and clip lever to cooperate to finish, do not have the function with correctional figuration. Because this asks when to machining paper box, want to ensure paper box impress is clear, easy when figuration of paper box amount to turn is folded, unapt appear the blemish such as grain of end of line, fish. Assure the precision of groove and line ball even additionally, open groove or line ball to go commonly must not exceed 2mm.

For convenient and automatic case box of device general paper is erect figuration, manufacturer of machine of box of a few paper rolled out a kind recently the name is beforehand the craft of crease. Beforehand crease craft is papering a box automatically namely add on machine install to bend plant beforehand, fold the first of chipboard beforehand with the 3rd line ball. Such doing reduced line ball again folding obstruction, make must pack product line automatically can easily paper box erect rise.

Box character flaw is unfavorable slant big

Normally the means sealing box of automatic case has glue to seal box and adhesive plaster to seal box two kinds. With handiwork " labour " the word kind that seals box is different, glue seals box and adhesive plaster to seal box to all won't seal box part. If box horn hole is too large, what can weaken paper case is waterproof be able to bear or endure wet function. Especially the commodity of a few exit, great majority is to pass crate to ship to delivery ground, and in the process in maritime voyage, the air humidity in crate may be as high as 93% , if box horn hole is too large, it is very easy that goods is loaded inside be affected with damp be affected with damp. Normally, for the paper box to sealing box automatically, the diameter of box character flaw should not exceed 5mm.
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