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Shallow talk about the convenience sex design that pack and material application
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Commerce devises a kind of method that is stimulative commodity sale, sales promotion makes the focal point that commerce designs. Contemporary pack important left and right sides is rising in process of product sales promotion, to sales promotion starting point, besides the level that should absorb visual attention, still include to sell issue of sex of the advantage in link. The convenience sex issue that this involves sale inn design and product itself. The convenience sex that commodity packs often with use the data that pack reasonably inseparable. commonly used material, basically have fabrics of fiber of metal, lumber, plant, plastic, glass, spin, artificial copy skin, derma and all sorts of paper material. Among them the fabrics such as metallic stuff, dermal, real silk, pure hemp is multi-purpose the conduct propaganda at high-grade goods and pack. The material such as skin of plastic, chemical fibber or blending fabrics, artificial copy is multi-purpose at intermediate commodity. And paper material is used at medium, cheap goods and short-term advertisement material commonly, of course paper material also has more high-grade, and as a result of paper material treatment goes to the lavatory, cost is low, actual application is so medium, paper material is the material that commerce designs big range to use. Vitreous bottle is packed more high-grade multi-purpose wait for cosmetic and bishop of world famous brand at perfume. Additional, the intelligence an wisdom as a result of stylist but, often can change decayed the visual perception that has high-grade quality to appear design of a few average data magically.

A successful commodity design should be the design that can bring advantage to people. Body of its advantage sex is produced now, carry, the link such as representative, sale and consumption.

One, production facilitates

Convenience sex of production behaves the packing measure in the product whether standard, whether cooperate to carry, assemble and unassemble the standard of equipment, the open that pack, fold process is easy, whether can reclaim reduce cost. The product that produces to large quantities of quantities packs a design to must consider the advantage on production, must suit to produce process and the demand that automation line handles, design otherwise again beautiful produce hard however, can create trouble and waste. Additional, the appearance property of commodity each different, solid, liquid, farinaceous, gaseous state waits. So the design that pack should consider to undertake packing designing more scientific economy with what material. If one-time tea is packed,normally use flexible package uses paper namely, aluminum foil, cellophane and plastic film. A packet, convenient production, to the dry food of easy be affected with damp be affected with damp or pulverous usable also composite material.

2, carry convenience

In carrying a process now, body is behaved for of all kinds label clear, whether can efficient operation. Product from leave product line to arrive in consumer hand, in its should move in whole and current process, when the design sure the convenient sex that considers to be moved below different situation and condition, security. Especially medicines and chemical reagents packs a design, must undertake stabilizing handling in machining a process and the label is clear, partial product is returned must " double pack " . For instance perfume is packed, candy is packed etc, with bottled with flexible package hind, want reoccupy carton to make outer pack, illumination is shot and cause metamorphism in order to prevent sun, the damaged that and can prevent causes because of carrying the keep long in stock in the process.
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