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Heavenly Dark popcorn and biscuit are changed pack slightly
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Summer 2007, bartons Confectioners company rolled out Heavenly Dark popcorn and biscuit, use taper to pack a box, its are designed not only elegant, and can cover an area of an area to narrow. The explanation of Carrie Madigan of sale chief inspector of Bartons Confectioners company says: "We are in those who try to search a product that applies to slightness to pack a box all the time, and be in on goods shelves cover an area of an area to want relatively lesser, in this process we thought of this biscuit packs a box. The style of the popcorn box that pack criterion draw materials the cinema popcorn at the tradition box. "

Biscuit is packed the SBS of 8 ounce packs a box in, and popcorn uses 9 ounce SBS to pack a box however. Advanced technological process plus company of Seaboard Folding Box only color pressworks gifted pack rich color this. This company is to use lubricious printing machine of a Mitsubishi6 to undertake black-and-white to them. Say according to Madigan, this agile diversity and no matter be color appearance,economy is packed practically, still be the desire that design can arouse people to enjoy cate.

The range of products of Bartons covered a lot of products, include nutrition ball of chocolate of candy of cherry of flummery of recreational food, chocolate bar, caramel, chocolate, mint, modelling, nutlet, nutlet is crisp with bulk chocolate.