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See the design essential factor that cigarette packs from consumer psychology
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There is between nicotian product and consumer " the bridge " , this is the cigarette packing design that people says normally. This " the bridge " the sales volume that the exterior gives the first impression of the person to often matter to this product directly. Can say, pack decent, the disappear give a lot of care that can affect customer manages, and consumptive psychology and consumptive habit are having cannot intersected connection. Once the habit is formed, consume occurrence solid some psychological mode, the occurrence of this kind of mode meant this one product to have fixed consumptive group, that is to say, this product had regular sale. But still have no a scholar to pack cigarette design and consumption up to now the relation is done between psychology special or systematic research. In view of this, article author protocol regards him as the main target that the near future studies and selection of subject of master's degree paper this respect content.

One, consumptive psychology installs a design with the bag

[1] cigarette is packed is implementation nicotian product value and use value, increase its a kind of of additional cost important step. Cigarette is packed is to regard a product as one part, it is to be used pass information, sell tobacco, defend quality and name reputation; At the same time like nicotian brand, taste the image of quality, class and characteristic with clear yield to consumer, also be an advertisement carrier of nicotian product, it is the fundamental way that nicotian consciousness spreads. It induced the market fixed position of the cigarette product that pack, the fixed position that developing expressional product, safeguard and consolidate the fixed position of the product, crucial question that urges product sale action.

[Manage of 2] disappear give a lot of care is to point to consumer in the society the influence of total spending environment falls, adjust, the psychological appearance that controls oneself to consume behavior. It emphasized consumption if consumer is being bought,be being given priority to all right, use reach the expression in using up all sorts of consumable processes. Analyse and discuss what the author packs the characteristic in the design to waited for crucial question to have a system with respect to consumptive psychology and cigarette.

2, the psychological analysis that consumer packs use process to cigarette

[3] carries the survey of pair of nicotian consumer markets, the mentality that adopts consumer and the composition of a lot of element that cigarette packs a design undertake survey to the influence of nicotian consumer, pass the analysis to the market, seek market space, seek the fixed position that makes clear definitely, form the sale plan of the product, directive cigarette packs design, recipe, production and sale, just be the right way that the cigarette in contemporary sale packs a design.

[The design that 4] packs, before the design, want to understand a few serious problems first, must be in can get solution premise next is engaged in that design ability to make product in the market be sure of success. The use process that packs a design to want mature customer with cigarette did the author to summed up at 4 o'clock:
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