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Pack presswork: Liquor box prevents bogus to pack a problem
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Our country's annual liquor yield achieves 5 million tons, it is important wine kind product. So, of wine box presswork pack, of course is an important category that pack. Pack from box of current home wine in light of, main existence is the following 5 big questions:

The first, white paperboard is right by the ash that controls with 300 grams back up, undertake bronzing next be in the majority, because grey bottom is white the price of paperboard is the cheapest, the price of white paperboard end the ash that small paper mill produces some areas has 2500 yuan of / only ton. Although some packed a company to roll out,grind the new material such as paper of arenaceous / crepe paper, aluminum foil, laser paper, synthesis paper to pledge, but the share that holds is very small.

The 2nd, wine box is in great majority to be applied tonally go up to be secured basically in red, yellow, gold these a few color. Because the consumptive habit of our country thinks this is the color of a few kinds of indicative and lucky, riches and honour,this is. These a few kinds of color are too actually drab, make wine box is packed very much the same, do not show the individual character that gives each variety.

The 3rd, at present the modelling of box of the wine on the market lacks innovation mostly, basically be to go up box of lid of renovate, heaven and earth, much work, book box a few finite kinds, have new work rarely. Its are main the reason is the professional group that pursues box design less, the talent of the design that pack that essence of life is familiar with box design again at planar design is not much. Often be planar design has been compared but box fare badly however, or although box design is good, but because presswork craft wait for a reason and cannot the problem such as batch production makes both cannot be united in wedlock faultlessly. In addition, still have two influencing factor: It is pilfer edition Chang is stuck up, a few illegal underground presswork the wine that the factory searchs a design technically to must compare a success in the market packs a box, it is OK that recapture will ravel have production according to appearance, the painstaking effort that stylist gives easily by piracy, make a lot of stylist lost the enthusiasm that undertakes tall difficulty is created. 2 it is the client put forward strict cost to control asks and be participated in forcibly to stylist make stylist cannot talent of put to good use, to win business order, unit of great majority design succumbs at the client, reason does not have good work.

The 4th, some enterprises prevent bogus consciousness not strong, in recent years, our country makes wine trade the ego that ceaseless aggrandizement prevents bogus protects consciousness, improve wine stage by stage kind the blemish on the design that pack, the key is added in opening stick the label that prevent bogus, but consciousness of protection of some enterprises ego is not strong, still did not decide the label that prevent bogus up to now.
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