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Crab also can live villatic: Become rich originality is packed
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One kind the name is " gold armour " individual crab outer packing had the honor to win CCTV to become rich recently award of originality contest third class, acquired 20 thousand yuan of stake. This originality is packed is Gao Chun of 38 years old crab farming, history the outer packing that unites to develop an individual crab successfully when crab is sold, filed patent.

Everyday sales volume increases many 300

History solidarity is Gao Chun an average farmer, be engaged in crab breed aquatics, sale already 10 come a year. Ferial in, history solidarity likes to consider an issue, how to do to common crab namely pack, sell give a good price.

"Traditional crab is packed is blockhead, sail upstream blockhead bubble first namely, fill in crab only only again go in. " history solidarity says, careless can imbibe, crab outfit is inside humidity is big, survival rate is higher. But it is faulty also, on the exterior too earth, time grew blockhead to still can give out a kind of stink.

History solidarity sees fruit vendor's stand is nodded, install a fruit with carton very beautiful, he tries to pack crab with paper box. The result is right still, just began, carton packs crab, history solidarity everyday sale increased many 300.

But good times don't last long, carton is packed used with respect to nobody, this lets history solidarity very feel puzzled. "I and my elder sister's husband carry two crab to send one soldier to Shanghai, go on the way the bottom bang Zha of the box dropped, crab also was dropped entirely. Next we bought two polybag to the supermarket, installing be carried to the family, quite ugly. " Wu Zhonghua is history unitive wife's younger brother.

Go out with wife's younger brother the experience of give sb a present, let history the reason that solidarity understood to nobody uses paper case. Summarized the problem that blockhead and carton appear, history solidarity designed to cry " crab is villatic " new pack.

Lean originality gains bigger market

History solidarity says: "This plastic bag contains two doors, the altogether after opening 4, crab is put apart, a pair, won't overwhelm to be enraged nevertheless fully together. The case is stronger also, one individual station does not have a problem above. "

"Crab is villatic " design, let history solidarity is holding a dominant position in crab sale, the crab that obtained prefectural post office to open alone fast give professional work. Through cooperating with the post office, history unitive crab also sells and other places of Beijing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Xiamen.

Sell everyday 600 many " crab is villatic " , but even if is such, still a problem perplexes move history solidarity. "Crab must be passed bind trivally, labor strength is greater. E.g. , come a guest is unexpected want 50, bind crab to be about to spend a hour, the family can be not anxious. Say moreover, cannot move after crab bundle up play, survive time can be reduced. " so, history solidarity thinks, can do to every crab need not of bundle up pack.
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