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Pack presswork: The milkings box that pack makes technology brief analyse
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Box outfit grandma is the one great variety that bright grandma packs, all sorts of lasting liquid state grandma of the method has a box to install a grandma almost. Is this kind of making craft that pack what kind of? Does liquid state grandma contain to this kind of bag what requirement? The article will ask from the material that pack, sanitation and last, presswork shape reach pack reclaim 4 respects make one simple introduction.

The material that pack

The packing box that liquid state suckles uses composite material to be made, typical composite material by the following 4 kinds of material or among them a few kinds of material are complex and into.

Polyethylene (PE) of the following abbreviation -- sealed layer, cut off since the action of moisture and bacterium;

Chipboard -- the hardness that is used at enhancing a case and intensity, have avoid smooth action;

Aluminum foil -- have lie between outstandingly oxygen and avoid smooth performance;

Secondary floor of EVOH efficient block -- the substitute of aluminum foil, use at cutting off likewise oxygen and avoid smooth.

Sanitation asks and last

Bright grandma basis lasts period different, the adoption data that make a case is not same also. Those who need cold storage is short-term last the structure that suckles the box that pack is simpler, use PE of / of PE / chipboard normally composite material; With the asepsis fill that saves for a long time at normal temperature environment outfit grandma packs a box, the structure of its material is PE of / of layer of bind of / of aluminum foil of / of layer of bind of / of PE / chipboard, or PE of / of layer of bind of / of EVOH of / of PE / chipboard composite material.

Presswork shape

Advantage of flexographic plate black-and-white: Of the milkings box that pack presswork means has offset print, sunken Yin Herou to imprint. Place of past offset print holds proportion taller, in recent years as soft imprint technical progress and soft imprint of quality rise, in packing soft imprint what occupy scale to increase ceaselessly. With sunken imprint, offset print photograph is compared, soft imprint have a variety of characteristics.

Change product time is short: If BHS aircrew style is gentle,imprint machine, change forme of a sleeve is less than 2 minutes, change on an aircrew presswork the preparative time of color is 8 - 10 minutes, change roller of a reticulation (or sleeve) time is less than 3 minutes.
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