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Box bagging bishop: Challenge the traditional form that pack
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The bag in the box is packed is a new expression. What with us the common place that pack differs is, the bag in the box (BagInBox) is by multilayer and filmy those who make is withy inside bag and sealed bibcock switch and outside carton is formed, usable Yu Cheng assembles food of liquid, half liquid or industrial product.

Be in abroad, the bag in the box packs bishop already very general, use mostly previously full-dress in all sorts of bishop of cheap norms, all sorts of high-grade bishop also begin to use this kind to pack now. The bag in the box packs cheap vinous idea to be being changed, the norms that pack from 1 to 20 litres have, with 2 litres, 3 litres, of 5 litres of outfit most general. Be worth what carry is, cost of this kind of production that pack is low, can use circularly, can save a space more, benefit at environmental protection, and the design is unique, when the liquid is poured out of, inside bag subsequently shrivelled goes down, prevented airy to enter, make product be able to better save. The fact proves, the bishop that packs with the bag in the box is had last capability is strong, carry and the drinkable and convenient, cost that pack is low characteristic.

Bishop of the bag in the box has more advantageous than traditional and bottled bishop character

1. Lower than bottled cost 25% (a bishop of 3 litres of outfit is equal to 4 bottled bishop. 4 bottled bishop need 4 4 4 4 glass bottle, brand, stoppers, capsule) ;

2. One-time use, avoided vitreous bottle to repeat use carriage, cleanness and alexipharmic charge;

3. Yi Xie is taken (glass is brittle) , Yi Kaiqi (need not open bottle implement) ;

4. Bishop of the bag in the box arises at a concept, namely: "Fresh maintain last cups " . Its structural air-tightness is good, make air cannot be entered from beginning to end, after bottled bishop open last time is only a few hours, or a few days. And bishop of the bag in the box can achieve a few weeks, even a few months! Accomplished truly " last cups of wine mixes the first cup euqally fresh " . Suit to be drunk everyday particularly 1, the personage of 2 cannikin, need not worry at all " the cocktail party that leaves in bottle is degenerative " problem;

5. Did not have disgusting stopper flavour. (the bottled wine of use cork probably 10% meetings have this problem) ;

6. As a result of the perfect form that pack, satisfy all sorts of vogue, recreational place: Party, picnic, in court, in the park, in cate street, in bar, go up in houseboat, go up in the meadow, in river side, in the beach, in the woods... do not need bottle implement, very convenient oneself are taken with, not afraid break vitreous bottle, need not worry more do not drink how is remnant taken half bottles.

Bishop of the bag in the box is in abroad

"According to the report of company of American 2006AC Nielsen, turn over the traditional bishop that pack to grow in American drug-store and smoke wine brand shop the fastest. Excellent to 3 litres case holds vinous investigation, this company discovers, the bishop sale that opposes a tradition to pack grew 50% , it is 3.5 times of total sales volume of 750ml bottled bishop. Summary of this one investigation goes out, 3 litres of excellent cases install vinous to increase rate is the area with the rapiddest growth in excellent vintage. Jones says • of Lu Rui of CorbettCanyon grapery spokesman: "Below the premise that assures in bishop quality, consumer likes to choose to go to the lavatory pack. A lot of high quality bishop begin to choose this kind to pack, the bag in boxes of more and more high-grade brand try out packs what got customer to approbate. Consumer installs vinous to love to will continue to promote the development of this one market henceforth to excellent case. "
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