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Technical communication: The new product that paper of wine of shallow Tan Bai p
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As the ceaseless progress of the times, the liquor industry that having long history and culture inside information grows gradually expand rise, manufacturer of a lot of renown wine production transferred by first traditional mill company of modern large-scale production. Below current market economy condition, each too brewery is developing with different speed with period acquire more market share. However, the remain invincible in wanting to compete in intense market, in the past the sort of, wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child deep, management concept is apparent already not stage what is appropriate to the occasion, especially renown wine produces a business not only the quality evil that should assure wine, have even pack elegantly, in order to win the favour cure of consumer this research and development, make high grade brand packs the enterprise to be taken seriously by more and more liquor company liver, here, shallow the new product development that talks about liquor paper slightly to pack, the hope has the effect of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, cause the attention of more person of the same trade, have more thorough technology communication.

Development of craft plan and products plan division is communicated

Well-known spirits is packed is Chinese ink stylist the design comes out however the conception of stylist must want to become actual exquisite to pack through printing craft ability material and print craft masterlily, it is wine packs the main factor that obtains aesthetic feeling, when a few people blame some wine to pack insufficient ideal often the reason simple end is designed badly to pack design. In developing a process, the product that actually we package in wine summed up experience of so white spoon: Reason of the uncomely that pack is not design certainly the design is bad, because be in,stylist is packed to be opposite when the product is developed however the material that pack and the understanding that print craft not crab place causes, negligence packs what the choice of material and Shao make technology to carry out, inevitable meeting is caused a few pack cheap and commonplace.

Accordingly, the initial stage of development is packed in liquor, craft plan and products plan division undertake the communication of deep ^ is very crucial, understand the creation intent of stylist and basic conception, fill all sorts of trial-produce results that appear likely the distinctive view that red draw Lian Qingchu offers craft to go up, alternate cooperates each other to both sides is to obtain the premise that designs station of as optimal as craft knot, the development that a wine packs begins from original originality fixed position should be a design cannot leave craft craft not to leave open plan, be short of one cannot, have early in our country ancient time, the day has energy of life sometimes, material has the beauty, labour has artful, stage this 4 person can be fine. The plan that facts of such a logion prove to wine packs development should be design of technology of design of data of market pattern design be an organic whole only will 3 person stage of knot of close together ground rises mutual achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, around coordinate ability obtains harmonious and consistent packing to devise overall plan.
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