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Paper implement design of the decorate that pack and design of the structure tha
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Paper implement the design that pack is serve as base material with paper and chipboard, by design personnel basis by the characteristic of packing, the design of the decorate that pack that undertakes with aesthetic viewpoint, scientific analysis is designed with the structure that pack.

Paper implement the decorate that pack is designed by dot, line, face 3 main unit are formed, with the union of colour, character, graph, image, the harmony of colour principle, use wait for all sorts of expression gimmick, make whole paper implement the harmonious beauty that pack. After entering information period, the computer is arrived to pack decorate by application in design and design of the structure that pack, produced unprecedented effect as auxiliary equipment. Character, graph, image designed software to produce the result with original design incomparable method. The processing of all sorts of filter lens, commutation, make a design gorgeous, paper implement personnel of the design that pack just does not type graph article, more important is the mind that makes planar design, colour pass design, expression, application arrives actual in go. It is to pack decorate design or design of the structure that pack to want to have inspiration of design thought, design no matter, such, the packing ability that the design gives has character, ability makes decorate design transmits product information adequately, contrast undertakes with congener product in the market, in order to attract a customer, increase the sale power of the product. Design the United States through decorate, those who improve a product is famous degree, stimulative product is sold.

Paper implement the decorate that pack designs staff not only want with great concentration to study decorate designs the United States, consider black-and-white to be able to realize a gender even. Good decorate designs a person with concise, easy beauty. Facilitate at the same time presswork the implementation of craft and the implementation that make a treatment technology. Should avoid to choose what to use color of printing machine aircrew more than in decorate design only lubricious black-and-white colour, want to combine design of uses printing machine suitable scope, the design that exceeds measure cannot presswork; Cross much color, presswork 2 times can cause overprint to forbid; The deep color of large area pressworks to produce cut easily; Haemorrhage measures small conference to affect treatment of follow-up working procedure, these problem decorate design personnel to want integrated consideration, the ability of the product that pack that such designs give gets used to people the need that aesthetic viewpoint and contented production reach the market actually.
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