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The sort of paper box carton, design is analysed
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Paper products is packed, it is the sort with the biggest dosage in the industrial product that pack. Paper box is the mainest carriage packs a form, and carton uses the consumer package that makes all sorts of products such as food, medicine, electron extensively. Change with what sell kind as the change of carriage means, the style of paper box, carton with each passing day diversification, almost the box of the paper that be not mark with new-style avery kind of is accompanying an automation equipment to come out, and the carton itself with original model, also made the instrument of commodity sales promotion.

The classification of paper box, carton

The phyletic and various, type of paper box and carton is diversiform, classified means also has a lot of kinds.

The classification of paper box

The commonnest classification distinguishs according to the form of arris of rows of tiles on a roof of chipboard. The arris of corrugated fibreboard main component is 4 kinds: A arris, B arris, C arris and E arris.

Generally speaking, basically use arris of A, B, C paperboard with the paper box at outer packing; Pack in use arris of B, E model; Packet installs chipboard of arris of much use E.

When produce and making corrugated box, the case that presses paper case commonly will undertake distinguishing.

The box of corrugated box structure, use generally in the world by federation of manufacturer of European corrugated box (FEFCO) with Swiss chipboard association (ASSCO) the case of international paper case that makes jointly standard. Internationally of approval of association of corrugated fibreboard of international of classics of this one standard is general.

According to case of international paper case standard, paper box structure can be divided for the foundation model with combination model two kinds big.

Foundation namely basic case, there is legend to be able to be checked in the standard, express with 4 digit word commonly, before two represent box sort, after shows the pattern of paper box type that differs in same case sort twice. For example: 02 represent groove paper case; 03 express to cover close model paper box. And combination it is a foundation model combination, comprise by the basic case of two kinds of above place namely, will express with word of many groups of 4 digit or code name. For example, of box of a paper on shake the lid can be used 0204 model, shake the lid is used below 0215 model.
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