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The design of different corrugated box wants a place
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Corrugated box is the mainest carriage packs a form, use the consumer package that makes all sorts of products such as food, medicine, electron extensively. However, change with what sell kind as the change of carriage means, box of paper of made of baked clay a list of names posted up already by carry pack change stage by stage to consumer package. Then, the auspicious type of paper box with each passing day diversification, the paper box itself with original model, also made the instrument of commodity sales promotion. On this foundation, distinguish at before 44 honest standard case, emerge as the times require of novel different corrugated box.

Regard modelling as the new-style weapon of product of novel, sales promotion, the other that has lifted handle, portable aperture or blowhole corrugated box increasingly grow in quantity. Distinguish the production at standard paper box, different corrugated box asks with production respect in the design taller, technology is more sophisticated. When the structure is designed, different corrugated box must shape to paper box considering special structure the influence that reachs intensity, still the model cuts craft to be opposite configuration and the requirement that devise measure. When production is made, different corrugated box uses a model to cut more machine undertake machining, accordingly must the choice of cutting tool of special attention model and impress line, choice of sponge antrum and use method, and the adjustment of layout pressure main factor that affects a model to cut quality.

Corrugated box is the container of rigid paper quality that makes with corrugated fibreboard, basically use at carrying to pack. Since half many century, corrugated box replaced the carriage container such as wooden case gradually with its advantageous use and treatment function, become carry the main force that pack, and be mixed with changeful modelling presswork elegantly begin ascend body the consumer package of a few products. Development arrives today, corrugated box sort is various, new-style appearance, new breed still is in ceaseless emerge in large numbers. For child make reach the trade dealings between convenient international, method of corrugated box box classification has been standardized.

Corrugated box classifies a standard

Normally, corrugated box can be divided mix for standard type nonstandard model, among them standard type is to point to by federation of manufacturer of European corrugated box (FEFCO) and Swiss chipboard association (ASSCO) is made, association of international corrugated box (the case that LCCA) recommends, nonstandard model box of all sorts of new-style rows of tiles on a roof that after afore-mentioned standards roll out generally refer to, appear.
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