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The foreigner talks about China pack reach integral impression
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One, introductive

This favour can go to China visitting a visit to feel very glad, the special subject that can pack way with Chinese person of the same trades of so much especially has direct communication, it is rare opportunity more. What should tell above all is, a few cities of China, no matter be spring Xi'an of city Kunming, ancient city, still be the impression that capital north thes capital of a country the person stayed profundity. It is inconceivable that the development speed here is told to major Hesperian. As in work of the field that pack old person is told, the state of China that pack also lets me feel amazed, it is better that the imagines than me China that see reachs his to pack a state a lot of.

China has many land area and population, population distributings to have the characteristic of its oneself with the structure, as the big country of a reforming and opening, china must move toward the world, have extensive association and commerce contact with world each country, this pair of whole worlds and China are very important. In economic globalization today, more and more China products also appeared on Germany and European market, this certainly will arrived with respect to drag in the packing problem of the product. The packing case that wants to combine Germany here talks about a few views that pack to China and hope.

2, the integral impression that packs to China

In China I saw Chinese government sector takes pack seriously particularly, pack technical association besides China outside this center orgnaization, each province city still set branch. At least many 30 institution of higher learing sets major of the project that pack, also encountered the person of the same trades of a lot of newspaper that come from the domain that pack, journal meanwhile, this Germany does not have law and Chinese photograph to compare. All packing that these showed to China takes a product seriously very much, this also is correct decision-making.

The itself that pack attributes the one part that the product produces, its quality stand or fall is affecting the quality of the product and price directly. Heard a professional term many times in China, telling Chinese product to reach its to pack is " first-class product, second-class pack, third class price " . This concept and term already became China to pack oral language of the person of the same trade, and what already continued ten years allegedly is long. Do drive of revolutionary plan language as in the begining everybody goes to those who improve China packing hard is a favour, but arrived to some of idea also should be changed somewhat today. We often see Chinese product on German market, on quality can rival completely with European product photograph, and of the product pack also achieved quite level, nevertheless very but different price always is on the low side. We are thinking all the time, why cannot product value of China rise accordingly a few? We think, the oral language that China travels together should instead " first-class product, first-class pack, first-class price " . Good product needs to be packed well, good product and pack well should the price of curry favor with. This is to China character not only, it is same to whole world.
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