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Ji Jisai of carton bag furnish is clever want
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Although basic carton packs an element to be in some closer year will maintaining all the time identical, nevertheless the pack high demand nowadays advanced paper bag to design, make the product on goods shelves poor hard dissimilation. Newest chipboard and plastic box applied blazing material, special adornment technology and clever appearance to highlight pack. And the bounds between masses product and high-grade product also becomes ambiguous, more and more products are packed in 2 class in sale.

Main trend

Although the last few years does not have any innovation to pound 2 class to pack the market, brand sale person using existing resource knowledgeably with their supplier. What will introduce below is to affecting chipboard and plastic a few of structure of the box that pack main trends:

The appearance of ◆ different common

"We had had the figure that more and more companies ask to differ. They can say, ' this is box of a gift. Let us make the change with a few traditional breakthroughs, the compressed appearance that is not a convention ' , " the sale manager PatrickMcGee of AGI/Klearfold of American new York expresses. In this domain relative to newer change it is to apply note model to shape plastic end lid. AGI/Klearfold was brand of yulan magnolia oily Regenerist to use this technology recently. Resemble a cylinder and final and finishing carton looks is not a cube more.

Although did not use plastic end shell, chipboard still can be used to the carton that produces an extraordinary figure. For example ArkayPackaging, produced a kind to come by inspiration of paper folding handiwork for CuriousByBritneySpears carton pack.

The capable person that ◆ has grain is qualitative

"The material of rich grain is qualitative already extraordinary popularity, " the sale manager DennisBacchetta of DiamondPackaging of American new York expresses. "Grain often is through be on a piece of whole paper embossing grain is spent and generation comes out. When people takes it, with respect to discovery it gifts a kind of tactility that with the standard smooth perhaps chipboard differs. Although we can use light,slip or inferior smooth final result, a kind when most client or preference union have grain material to pledge inferior smooth effect. "
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